Fix Computer Near Me - Get Your Computer Fixed At One Low Price

Searching for places that fix computer near you?

Well, you don't need to leave your home to have your computer fixed! We'll come to you!

With our proprietary software, we'll solve all your computer problems remotely.

Best of all? It's really inexpensive! Starting from $39.95 per Help Desk Incident, we'll get your computer fixed at one low price, regardless of the issues you computer is having!

Typical Computer Problems We Fix

  • Computer and network troubleshooting
  • Handheld/mobile device configuration and troubleshooting
  • Administrative Tasks & Software Installations
  • Virus/Spyware Removal & File/Folder Restores
  • Windows / MAC Operating System Problems

But that's not the limit! We literally solve any kind of problem you are having with your computer.

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No-fuss Computer Troubleshooting

Your computer problem has given you enough headache. We don't want to give you any more of them!

Our computer repair service is easy, timely, reliable. We will take the fuss out of your computer repair needs.

And unlike many tech support out there, we speak human language. Yes, you know most computer support guys don't speak your language. They make you feel like a dumb. 

Not with our service! We are here to help you get your issue solved the human way.

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Monthly Protection for Peace of Mind

You know the pain of a malfunctioned computer. You hate the feeling of not knowing what to do when something bad happened to your computer.

And how you wish you'll be protected 24/7 in the future!

Introducing our monthly tech support services. At only $5.95 per month, not only will you receive timely computer support remotely, you also get enterprise anti-virus, web surfing protection module, monitoring and alerting, weekly scheduled maintenance, dashboard w/remote access to your computers, reporting, and access to Help Desk.

Yes, imagine not needing to worry about your computer going haywire. Imagine having the extra protection that helps prevent your computer from going out of control.

That's what our monthly service is about. We protect your computer with our proprietary software, keeping it at the best condition at all time. And if something happen, our Help Desk will fix the issue for you.

At only the price of a cup of coffe, our monthly service is a no-brainer. (And no, a cup of cofee don't protect your computer like we do)

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Don't Wait Until It happen

... but if it ever did, we are here to help! Regardless of the situation, we have a solution for you. We'll fix your computer!

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