Live Computer Repair

Live Computer Repair Services

We Heal Computers are live computer repair service providers. We use genuine tools to protect your PC. We Heal Computers specializes in troubleshooting various technical problems. We Heal Computers are friendly, patient and competent. We are unique in the way we provide our tech support. We resolve your tech problems and provide relevant solutions. We Heal Computers never quits until we fix your tech problems completely. Our team of expert techies are well trained with many years of experience.

Computer users seem to prefer live computer repair as opposed to taking their computers to a repair shop because they are worried about their privacy. Unlike computer repair shops this method helps you interact with the computer technician online. Live computer repair is favored by most of the computer users because it is secure, faster and easier than other repair services.

Our Live Computer Repair Service Includes

  • System recovery and backup
  • Safe web browsing experience
  • Install anti-virus and configure
  • Perform full system scan and optimize performance
  • Remove recognized security threats permanently
  • Terminate unnecessary background programs
  • Troubleshoot blue screen errors
  • Enable Firewall settings
  • Microsoft OS and applications tech support
  • MAC tech support
  • Registry error fixing
  • Defragmentation of  hard disk
  • Proper hard disk partitioning
  • Troubleshoot webcam and display complications
  • Troubleshoot VGA card errors
  • Troubleshoot sound card problems
  • Laptop repair services
  • Setup user account settings
  • And many other services based on your request
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