Get Your PC Fixed Remotely At One Low Price!

Are you a small or medium-sized business relying on several computers to run your company efficiently as well as develop further business? Perhaps you're a home user with a computer full to the brim with precious moments that you couldn't bear to lose? Regardless of your individual situation, in today's world, threats to your computer remain increasingly prevalent and the damage they cause has the potential to seriously disrupt your work, or worse. With cyber attacks appearing in the news more and more, it seems that no one is completely free of the risk of being hacked or becoming the victim of malicious viruses or ransomware. However, fear not! There are practical solutions available to you in order to increase the security of your PC or Mac and make yourself safer online.

We Heal Computers are a US-based remote PC repair service and can offer a plethora of tech support services including remote repair, new computer set-up, virus removal, browsers support, online back-up and data recovery. Our monthly tech support services are available 24/7 365 days a year and, once installed, our Advanced Management Agent enables you to request help by either email, telephone or ticket. For more urgent requests, our services are of course available instantly via our helpdesk phone. The best part about our service is that it's available at any time! No more unplugging everything and hauling your PC or Mac to a repair store for a stranger to then go through everything and try and fix it. With our remote support, you can rest at ease knowing our tech support agents are working in a closely controlled and monitored environment and are audited to ensure safe, secure and high-quality help when you need it most.

How Does Remote PC Repair Work?

Once you've selected a monthly plan that works for you and added however many computers you need on to it, you'll check out and we'll generate a download link for you to install our Advanced Management Agent to your PCs. This software will then enable you to access a menu of options for contacting us and get help while also allowing our agents to connect to your computer remotely and assist in whatever way they can. Once you've chosen your monthly package, you'll get access to a range of indispensable features including enterprise anti-virus, weekly scheduled maintenance, reporting and a web surfing protection module as well monitoring and alerting services and a dashboard that enables you to access your remotely as well as access the help desk for further support.

As you're more than likely able to tell, remote PC repair comes with many advantages over traditional methods. For a start, you don't even need to leave the comfort of your home! All you'll need is an internet connection and our Advanced Management System and you're ready to go. Gone are the days when the fastest way to get your computer repaired were to take it down to your nearest repair store and leave it with them for however many days it takes them to get around to your device and fix it. Now, using We Heal Computers, you're able to get fast, reliable and professional help by simply clicking on an easy-to-install program and, using the options available to you, let us know what the problem is. This alone cuts out a large portion of the hassle associated with traditional methods of repairing your computers.

There are, of course, other advantages to this service than just saving time and convenience. Because we'll be remotely connected to your PC, we're able to guide you through what exactly is wrong with it and advise on how best to fix it. This is something that can never be understated as, if you're interested in learning, it can provide an invaluable insight into how your computer works, what can cause certain issues with it and the best ways to adjust your online experience in order to avoid potentially disastrous situations. There's also the fact that, if you've recently bought a new computer, we'll help you set it up and transfer your existing files and media onto your new system as well as install any essential safety and security software and patches we feel you'd benefit from. We'll also ensure that you're aware of what everything does and how best to maintain your computer's performance as well as keep it safe from online threats.

Remote PC Repair Vs. Traditional PC Repair

Up until the advent of remote access, the only way to get your computer repaired was to take it to your local computer repair store, and in the early days, they were few and far between. This was a nuisance as it meant disconnecting everything, packing it up and traveling to a store where you would usually have to leave your device with whoever was repairing it for a period of time until they'd gotten around to fixing it. And to top it off there was the price, with more reliable repair centers often charging higher rates for more complex issues. With remote PC repair, there is no need for any of this. All the work is done remotely and so you won't even need to turn your computer off. Prices are also incredibly competitive and the features included in your monthly package will seem like a bargain for the price you'll pay.

Traditional PC repair can often involve a fair amount of back and forth between user and repair shop as the work is done without real-time communication between the two parties, meaning if there's something specific you want looking at that needs explaining, it may take a few visits to get the results you want. Another aspect that is usually used to compare the two services is your computer's security. With traditional PC repair, you're handing over your computer, and with it, your documents, emails, files, photos and anything else you have stored on it to a stranger behind a counter. You'll then leave and hope they perform the service you paid for as promised. It is essentially an act of faith. With remote PC repair, you're with your computer the whole time and are able to have a say in what gets done to your device. You're in complete control of your computer and granting us permission to access it.

A Brief Rundown Of The Services We Offer:

Computer Help And Technical Support:
This is our bread and butter. Our team of highly-skilled professionals is available 24/7 365 days a year to help and assist you with any computer or technical support queries you may have.

Remote Support:
Using our Advanced Management Agent, we're able to connect to your computer remotely and help fix any issues you may have as well as advise on features and software to help keep you safe and secure. No need to take your PC into a store.

Online Support:
We're also available online for support via email so users can interact with our team of brilliant techies online for even easier communication and problem resolution.

Virus Removal:
If you've identified the issue as a virus, we'll provide only the best options for removing it as well as inform you of the best software products on the market for future protection from online viruses and the places they hide.

Mac Repair And Support:
Not a Microsoft user? No Problem, our professional team of skilled technicians are also experts at dealing with issues regarding Mac computers too!

Browser And Email Support:
If you're having issues with Hotmail, Outlook, Gmail, Chrome, Safari or any other email or browser provider, we can help! We can also help you set up email accounts and recommend the best browsers based on what you plan to use it for.

Hard Drive Backup And Recovery:
Do you need to backup your data to a hard drive or reinstall existing data onto a new system? We can help! Just tell us what you want and where and we'll get to it!

Data Recovery:
Have you lost precious photos or contact data? No problem. We know about data recovery and will do our best to retrieve any files you may have lost or accidentally deleted.

Laptop And Notebook Support:
We don't just deal with desktop computers, we'll gladly assist with laptops and notebooks too! We offer online advice, peripheral support, troubleshooting and laptop setup and performance optimization.

Windows 7 Online Help:
Are you having trouble with Windows 7? We'll guide you through the system and advise on how best to run, operate and protect yourself online while using Windows 7.

We Heal Computers!

To summarize, remote PC repair is the best way to truly get the best computer repair service available and, by using We Heal Computers, you're sure to be over the moon with the service you receive. If you're looking for someone to help fix your computer or set up a new one as well as help maintain and service your device, you won't get better than We Heal Computers.