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Windows 7 Help Online

We Heal Computers helps you save time and money by helping you install, upgrade and troubleshoot windows 7 online. You don't have to disconnect your machine and take it into a store or wait for hours for a computer technician to visit you.

We Heal Computers can provide quality computer support anytime, anywhere using the Internet. Our support levels adhere to Microsoft's most stringent standards. All our help desk techs are comprehensively trained on all aspects of windows 7.

Our Windows 7 support tasks include:

  • Setup, install and upgrade to windows 7
  • Carryout out compatibility tests and recommend suitable upgrades
  • Help choose the more suitable edition for your PC.
  • Secure, troubleshoot and fix windows 7 issues
  • Help you use and setup new features
  • Schedule backups; restore files or folders that get accidentally deleted.
  • Encrypt hard drive or files

Windows 7 is the replacement for Windows Vista and will make the things you do every day easier with improved desktop navigation; start programs faster and more easily, and quickly find the documents you use most often. We now live in a digitally changed world, consumers and corporate computer users are becoming more mobile and Windows XP simply was not built for that and Vista was never up to the mark. Vista was slow and had a lot compatibility issues and lacked user friendliness. Windows 7 is designed to be more reliable, more responsive, and to make the things you do every day easier and faster.

There are many enhancements in Windows 7 that offer compelling reasons to upgrade. The best simplest and the most important features are security, stability and compatibility. Another important aspect of performance for Windows 7 is energy efficiency. With the Windows 7 system, Microsoft has introduced technology that is aimed at reducing the computer's energy consumption and even boosting laptop battery life.

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